Momo - Where it Began.

Momo’s history began way back in 1964, thanks to the strong passion for motorsport and the intuition of Gianpiero Moretti, a driver who became its founder.

Since its origins, Momo has collected several victories in the most prestigious racetracks around the world that represent a unique testing ground to further develop technology, quality and safety of the products designed for everyday and road use. Momo’s philosophy has always been focused on delivering a superior product by combining safety and performance with optimum handicraft level and innovative designs. Furthermore, the Italian brand dishonour is also present due to a pioneering marketing and communication strategy prevailing in the company throughout its evolution.

Today, capitalising on its fifty years of history full of epic battles on the track, memorable victories and products that made an impact in the automobile marketplace, Momo offers an innovative variety of high-performance tyres, designed and produced with the upmost advanced technologies.

More recently, MOMO was acquired by a group of investors with a passion for the brand’s heritage and products, and a desire to grow the company while taking it back to its roots. In 2003, the company restyled its logo to add the tri-colour “Italy” wordmark below the iconic MOMO yellow logo. This change emphasised the importance of MOMO’s Italian roots and its well-earned reputation for design, style, and quality craftsmanship. In 2016, the brand changed its main logo back to what many agree is its most iconic, the well-known arrow logo.

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